Curbless Showers: When Great Universal Design Meets Growing Overall Demand

LifeStage Home Designs  |  June 11, 2019
Curbless Showers: When Great Universal Design Meets Growing Overall Demand

At LifeStage Home Designs, we have long advocated curbless showers as a key universal design element. Indeed, curbless showers are essential in making bathrooms fully accessible for people at every stage of life and level of mobility. And while it wasn’t too long ago they were rarely found in single-family residences, homeowners across the spectrum today are choosing curbless showers as much for their aesthetic appeal as for their practical advantages, elevating them into the mainstream of home design.

That’s good news for people choosing to build or renovate a home utilizing universal design standards. There has been an unfortunate misperception among some that certain elements of universal design can make a home more difficult to resell, but this is not the case. Universal design and multi-generational homes are growing in demand and will continue to do so for a host of factors we discussed in this earlier blog.

In the case of curbless showers, there are a few significant advantages:

  • Safer and more accessible. Even a curb that is only a few inches high can be a literal stumbling block for many people. A curbless shower eliminates a potential tripping hazard and obstacle that makes life difficult for people with mobility issues.
  • Easier to clean. If you’ve ever tried to clean a traditional curbed shower thoroughly, you understand how difficult (and hard on the knees) it can be. The corners where the curb meets the floor are a literal pain to reach. Your knees will thank you for eliminating those corners. A flat shower floor can be cleaned with a mop, and a hand-held showerhead with a hose will make rinsing shower surfaces even easier.
  • More aesthetically pleasing. Compared to traditional showers with curbs and doors, curbless showers create a seamless look that make your bathroom look larger. And they allow the attractive tile in the shower to be visible and tie into the rest of the space.

If you’d like more information about curbless showers or universal design for bathrooms, contact us. We’d love to help.

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