Building U.D. Home vs. Moving Into Nursing Home / Care Facility

LifeStage Home Designs  |  August 13, 2019
Building U.D. Home vs. Moving Into Nursing Home / Care Facility

There has been a monumental shift in aging. Moving into a retirement home or nursing/care facility is no longer the obvious plan or decision for many people. Maintaining an active lifestyle and independence for as many years as possible is the goal for the vast majority of people as they plan for retirement and envision their golden years.

Indeed, a recent AARP study found ¾ of older Americans want to remain in their homes as long as possible. The cost of 24-hour nursing care no doubt has a lot to do with this: the nationwide average monthly cost for a semi-private nursing facility room is a whopping $7,441 (nearly $90,000 a year)! In South Carolina, the cost is below the national average, but still prohibitively expensive for many people ($6,418 a month, or $77,016 a year).

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As a result, the aging in place movement has taken root. Remaining in your own home — more specifically, choosing to build a universal design forever home — is the obvious preference for most people. And, of course, at LifeStage Home Designs we feel strongly about the benefits of universal design and forever homes! However, we also know that every situation and each person’s circumstances is different. So, while moving into your forever home may be your preference, there are many factors — and some tradeoffs. We’re here at LifeStage Home Designs to help you evaluate your options as you plan for the future. Consider the following:

  • Financial Considerations:  Designing and building a new home can be costly. Likewise, the cost of assisted living facilities can create sticker shock. Many people choose building their forever home because of myriad financial advantages that come with homeownership. That asset becomes a centerpiece of both their retirement and estate planning. (You can’t bequeath a room in a nursing facility to your heirs.)
  • Family & Social Life:  Building your forever home allows greater flexibility in designing a space that will suit your needs and your vision for retirement. Do you want a home that is more conducive for visits from children, grandchildren and other relatives and friends? On the other hand, one of the benefits that many people enjoy about living in a retirement home are the ample opportunities to meet other residents and form friendships.
  • Staying Active:  Retirees are more active than ever before. The best retirement communities provide many opportunities for recreation, outings and other activities. Once again, designing and building your own home provides the opportunity to ensure you can continue to pursue and nurture your hobbies and interests in the comfort of your own home. For example, do you want a woodworking workshop, or appropriate outdoor space for gardening? Would you like to be located near a certain park, greenspace or adjacent to walking and biking trails? Our experts at LifeStage Home Designs will help you find the right location and design a home that helps you do what you love.
  • Transportation and Convenience:  This might be the biggest advantage of living in a retirement community. Living where just about everything you need is within the community or facility reduces the need to drive, a very important consideration as you age, especially in areas without robust public transit options. While some of this has been mitigated by the proliferation of ride-sharing and grocery delivery services, transportation is something to spend significant time contemplating as you plan.

There are a number of other factors to weigh as you decide whether to commit your financial resources to building your forever home. We recommend talking to people you know who have already made the decision and ask them about their experiences. Visit and tour as many different designs of forever homes to discover what you like and dislike. And if you’d like to step inside a universal design home, please give LifeStage Home Designs a call. We will help facilitate a visit to one in your area.

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